Love -most awesome feel

Which bring u happy, leads to happy its called love

We all have different and different meanings for love. At that time we are not realising the real love and it’s divinity.

Some thinks love is only between a man and woman by sharing their feelings and someone interprets it’s as sex, love towards same sex….that all are infatuations coming in narrow hearts.

The real love is which provokes as to live, gain our goal and makes us happy. We want to love all in the earth. Then only we can get the spirit to live. World is made of fibre of love. The mind without love is a barren land. It seems beautiful in far view. But nearly it is a deserty non usefull land.

Love each other, without looking the physical of one. Love is beyond race, caste, colour, size, religion…etc. If love or a affection promotes or motivates you to achieve your goals, or inspire to move confidently then follow that love, because that’s your real love

Life is nothing without love, you love everyone, respect you, by respecting others feelings. certainly you will succeedin your life. Love is ultimately divine. Love is beyond borders. Love is infinitive.

love you all……

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